Minerva College

Founded in 2000, and named after the Roman Goddess of wisdom – ‘Minerva’, Minerva College is a nationally recognised vocational education and training provider with strong industry links, recognised university pathways, expert coaches, and a committed support network.

Minerva College delivers training and professional development services to both individuals who are looking to improve their career opportunities and organisations looking to improve their performance and quality.

Students study face to face 20 hours per week in a classroom setting using the latest learning resources and practical tools to simulate a real life work  environment. Student also have access to our state of the art 'SMARTMOOV' mobile learning platform.

Minerva's Graduates are well placed to seek new job opportunities and career advancements in the workplace. Many of our graduates have also started their own businesses and are enjoying the freedom of being self employed.



Smartmoov is a new and novel way of learning that incorporates the latest developments in learning pedagogies around mobile learning, micro-learning, micro-assessments and improved knowledge retention. Smartmoov is a comprehensive and scientifically supported approach to address the issues of knowledge retention, progression and completion rates in education.

Smartmoov is

  • Engaging, Social and Supportive - you immediately become a member of our community
  • Accessible from a variety of devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets – study anywhere, anytime
  • Flexible and learner-driven so you can study at your own pace
  • Modular so that content is easily and consistently updated in the future giving you the latest course materials
  • Holistic, offering a 360° view of a topic in order to deepen one’s understanding in a meaningful and varied way

Why Mobile Learning?

With the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets, learning professionals have seen an opportunity to use mobile devices for training delivery. In Australia, Minerva College is the leader in the development of both the technology and methodology behind the approach for vocational education and industry specific courses. (More about Smartmoov)


The Benefits of Micro-learning

The concept of micro-learning involves the delivery of relatively small learning modules that are followed by micro-assessments. This provides the student with an opportunity to reinforce and apply their knowledge and skills at the point of their understanding.

Our unique and novel approach to increasing the level of knowledge retained by the student is further delivered through follow up questions and information at pre-set times after completion of a learning module or micro-assessment. (More about Smartmoov)


Why Minerva College?

Our strong links within the industry ensures that all of our courses have been developed to best prepare students for their future careers. We have a committed support network where every student receives an individualised support plan and our progression coaches are the best in the business. Not only do they support students every step of the way, they challenge the way they  think. (More about Smartmoov)