Campbelltown Art and Cultural Trail

Posted by Minerva College on Apr 8, 2018 7:51:43 PM

Embrace Campbelltown's dynamic arts and cultural scene.

Rich in history, links to Campbelltown's colonial settlement are reflected in a large number of heritage properties, which are scattered throughout the city. These include Glenalvon House, Quondong Cottage and the Queen Street Heritage Precinct.

Campbelltown Arts and Culture - Glenalvon House

Quondong Cottage 






Campbelltown's innovative arts scene is showcased at the Campbelltown Arts centre. The Campbelltown Arts Centre features contemporary exhibitions and performances, as well as an interactive outdoor sculpture garden and tranquil Japanese garden.

Campbelltown Arts CentreCampbelltown Arts

Operating from Campbelltown's historic Town Hall, Campbelltown Theatre Group (a must see!) has been performing since 1956.

Campbelltown HallCampbelltown Town Hall