Little development has been made to the original e-learning approach where most students still print the material they need to read, thus reducing the effectiveness of the approach. While some providers try to make the content more engaging, the fundamental flaws remain.

Let us introduce Smartmoov, a new and more convenient way to learn – on the go. Minerva College is a leader in the development of both the technology and methodology behind this new approach for delivering VET courses. Recently launching a first for Australia, Smartmoov is a comprehensive and scientifically supported approach to address the issues of knowledge retention, progression and completion rates in education.



Attention spans are dropping at the same time technology is advancing - there’s an ever-growing need for new and better ways to teach, learn, and train the 21st century workforce – and Smartmoov is the solution.

Smartmoov is

  • Engaging, Social and Supportive - you immediately become a member of our community
  • Accessible from a variety of devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets – study anywhere, anytime
  • Flexible and learner-driven so you can study at your own pace
  • Modular so that content is easily and consistently updated in the future giving you the latest course materials
  • Holistic, offering a 360° view of a topic in order to deepen one’s understanding in a meaningful and varied way

Micro-Learning:  flexible and learner-driven

Delivering course content in small chunks, with the added benefit of 2-3 minute video based presentations, micro-learning provides a more effective environment for learning than the traditional classroom. As a student you can skip or review course content as needed, instead of moving at the pace of the slowest learner in a group class. Content is now much easier to design, produce and update, delivering an exceptional student training experience.


Micro-Assessment: a better approach

To support the Micro-Learning approach of our content, we have developed a similar approach to assessment. After completing a number of learning segments, students are required to complete an assessment that covers the content that has just been covered. This provides the learner with an opportunity to reinforce and apply their new knowledge and skills at the point of understanding.


Improved Knowledge Retention

In order to improve knowledge retention we have developed a scientifically proven methodology whereby students are prompted, through the use of SMS based messaging, to recite specific content at various intervals through the course. This is proven to significantly increase the level of knowledge retention.