Our Progression Coaches are academically qualified, experienced teachers. Upon enrolling in your course, your Progression Coach will work with you, and support you by:

  • Providing detailed feedback on your work.
  • Working with your to ensure you're on track.
  • Establishing goals to help you stay focused, and succeed.
  • Will always be available to meet with you for individualised support during or after classroom training.
Minerva College, Student Support, Progression Coaches.
Minerva College, Student Support, Onboarding Program.


As part of your induction program you will be;

  • Introduced to the college, trainers, student support staff, classroom facilities and resources.
  • College policies and procedures.
  • Accessing learning resources and assessment guides through our mobile learning platform.
  • Sharing all our tips, and advice we have picked up over the past 16 years.

Face to face support

In addition to Minerva College’s classroom training which is one of the most comprehensive offered in the industry, students will also be supported by participating in workshops, and one-on-one tutorials with our dedicated Progression Coaches. These optional workshops and tutorials are conducted at Minerva College campuses, and are designed to reinforce a student’s knowledge, and skills acquired during their studies.

Minerva College, Student Support, Face to Face Support.
Minerva College, Student Support, Insight Groups.


You will be invited to join a range of subject specific insight groups which will be led by subject matter experts. In these groups you will be encourage to challenge the content you are learning and will be exposed to the most up to date industry trends. There will be an abundance of additional information available as well as opportunities to have any specific questions you may have about a subject answered.

As well as working with subject matter experts, you will be given an opportunity to work with your fellow students. This will allow you to explore new ideas and grow your network.

Social community

Those studying on campus will meet many like-minded individuals, and if you ask many of our graduates, those studying on campus will also create lifelong, lasting relationships.

For online students, just because you have chosen to study an online course, doesn’t mean you are studying alone. We have worked really hard to establish a community where learners, academics, your friends and family and your Progression Coach can all interact in a seamless and enjoyable way. 

Now just to be clear. We are not talking about posting a comment in a discussion forum. Our community is truly engaging in a real social context and never sleeps. Find support and advice 24/7. We can’t wait for you to join us so we can show you.

Minerva College, Student Support, Social Community.


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